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MVR Snake park Created their Snake identification model with Lares platform

MVR Snakepark Parassinikadavu has launched AI based android application for the classification and identification of snakes called "snake lens" with on-edge processing capabilities. This unique application is powered by the best in class which is powered with the best in class artificial intelligence-powered image recognition developed by Lares.AI with support of COSTECH Trivandrum, which could be used to Spread awareness and classify snakes Snake Lens also has maps to hospitals and also contains the first aid information about snake bite, assistance from the experts, and relevant information about various venomous and non-venomous snakes. Snake Lenz is capable of classifying between major snakes namely Cobra, Saw-Scaled viper, Russel's viper, Krait, Wolf snake, Rock Python, Common Rat Snake as of now but it will update soon with more. Classifications of snakes is made possible by creating a Machine Learning model by extracting features of thousands of snakes, which in turn enables the system to distinguish between different types of snakes "On-Edge". This means you don't need an active internet connection for the identification of Snakes. "Is it Venomous or Non-Venomous" is the commonly asked question in India. Most people in India are illiterate in identifying and Classifying snakes, which they are relying on social media platforms for help. Parassinikkadavu Snake Park was established by Social activists lead by Hon. Ex-minister of state M.V. Raghavan wants to create a model that is capable of identifying the snakes so that the common person can detect the snakes without any external help. The Intelligence inside the Snake Lens is developed using the CloudVU platform to achieve benchmark performance in identifying snakes

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