Crafting Intelligence

MVR Snake park Created their Snake identification model with Lares platform

"Is it Venomous or Non-Venomous" is the commonly asked question in India, Most people in india are illiterate in identifying and Classifying snakes, which they are relying on social media platforms for help.MVR snake park wants to create a ML model that could Classify snakes.

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How Deepsight can revolutionize Retail Market ?

Competition in the ‘Fresh’ category in food and grocery in India is Tremendously high. To run a viable business, More needs to simultaneously manage the in-stock availability of fresh produce while minimizing wastage. To balance these competing priorities, We needed to build a very granular forecast at the store-item-day level.

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Spice Store in Kerala Benefited by digitalizing their Selling platform through Lares Designs

A Vibrant entrepreneur who runs a Spice Store in Kerala wants to increase its profit by implementing AI in their business. He needs to shift from Native mode business to a Digital Business Platform as a first step towards implementing AI and plans ahead of their strategies

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