Data Intelligence

Create Custom Ml based Data Models by Uploading Data into the Platform. no technical expertise and no upfront commitments.

No AI/ML or Coding Experience Required

Simple darg & drop interface, Accessible without any prior knowledge in Ai.

No More Dedicated Teams to Manage

No need to hire a dedicated team to implement ai into your business. We provide a wide range of products and services for making your business future ready

Auto Data Filtering

Once raw data is provided, ai will automatically convert it into a meaningful dataset.

Why Data Intelligence

Data Intelligence is powered by our state of the art AI insights which can discover hidden trends and outliers, anomalies, identify key business drivers, Create Forecasts and provide you with  timely alerts in case of a upcoming loss or an event that require your immediate attention

Power of Multianalytica

Multianalytica is a concept created by for an efficient way to recognize, evaluate and process data, which is capable of working regardless of the environment by intelligently switching between the pre-trained multiple algorithms working parallelly or independently to provide a seamless experience to our customer

Harness The Power of AI

Data Intelligence is powered by powerful AI insights that utilizes machine learning to predict upcoming losses, future business outcomes such as product demand, resource needs, or financial performance.AI insights can also discover hidden trends and outliers, identify key business drivers, and perform powerful what-if analysis.

Just like brewing a coffee

Create Data Model by uploading your Data in recomended format and wait for our AI to create ML model for you.

Use Cases

Multiple types of time series forecasts are required to run your business, from cash flow to product demand to resource planning. Foresight allows you to build forecasts for virtually every industry and use case, including retail, logistics, finance, advertising performance, and many more. Using machine learning,Foresight can work with any historical time series data and use a large library of built-in algorithms to determine the best fit for your particular forecast type automatically.

Product Demand Planning

You can use Foresight to forecast the appropriate inventory levels for your various store locations. You provide Forecast information like historical sales, pricing, store promotions, store locations, and catalog data from your retail management systems in a CSV (comma-separated values) format into the our platform. You can then combine that with associated data like website traffic logs, weather, and shipping schedules. Our Platfrom will use that information to produce a model that can accurately forecast customer demand for products at the individual store level. Export your forecasts in batch in CSV format and import them back into your retail management systems so that you can determine how much inventory to purchase and allocate per store.

Financial planning

Accurate financial forecasting like sales revenue predictions is fundamental to every business’s success. Foresight can forecast key financial metrics such as revenue, expenses, and cash flow across multiple time periods and monetary units. You first upload your historical financial time series data to Foresight and then import. After producing a model, Foresight will provide you with the expected accuracy of the forecast so that you can determine if more data is required before using the model in production. The service can also visualize forecasts with graphs in the Foresight Console to help you make informed decisions.

Resource planning

Planning for the right level of available resources, such as staffing levels, advertising inventory, and raw material for manufacturing is important to maximize revenue and control costs. For example, a broadcasting company may want to optimize ad inventory regionally. It can import historical viewership data across different program categories and geographic regions, content metadata, and regional demographics into Amazon Forecast. The service will learn from this data and provide accurate local forecasts.

Our Customers


Offerpedia is a Word of Mouth marketing platform which brings a Double sided Referral Program.They help businesses get more customers by incentivizing referrals.Based out of Bahrain this platform is steadily growing and as more and more users enroll a lot of data is produced which they found it challenging to process and further gather insights and forecasts.
"With ForeSight we can now forecast product demands well in advance for businesses in our platform to utilize this data to start more effective campaigns through our platform and thus ensure all marketing campaign KPIs are met efficiently at the right time.Demand forecasting also helps us to add correct products and services to our platform at the right time thus improving customer retention rates.Using Foresight increases our ability to better serve our customers and increases the confidence within our team through faster insights, improved predictability and with accuracy of 90% and upwards." CTO :- Offerpedia

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